A beautiful day at Pyoneer Forum 2019, Rajshahi

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A beautiful day at Pyoneer Forum 2019, Rajshahi

A few days ago I saw Pyoneer Forum 2019 event will be held in my city. It was a wonderful feeling to know this news on Facebook. I did not take any time to think about it, just register for my set and shared the link to my friend. This was my first event that was hosted by Payoneer.

In my last 3 years life as Freelance Web developer, Payoneer helps me a lot to take payments from the marketplace and direct from clients. Payoneer is low fees, high USD to BDT rate and easy to use convinced me to use their service.

The event day

29th June 2019 was the event day. I got an email with my ticket and time schedule. The event location was 3 hours far from my home on a train journey. I join with our developer team called KeenDevs. We start our journey to Rajshahi at 7:15 am and reached at 10:30 am. We visited some beautiful places near the main event location. We take lunch and come to the event place at 2:30 pm and show our ticket and got your id card to enter the auditorium. We also get some papers, a pen, and a Payoneer sticker.

Payoneer sticker

The Speakers

  • Hasin Hayder (Founder, Learn With Hasin Hayder)
  • Md. Abu Fahim (Founder and CEO, BDWEB IT)
  • Nahid Hasan (Business Development Head, Payoneer Bangladesh)
  • Md Mahfuzur Rahman (Founder and CEO, Tech Rajshahi Ltd)
  • A T M Minhazul Islam (Managing Director, ASTGD)
  • Nazmul Hussain (Social Media Expert)

The Event moderated by Emrazina Islam Khan (Brand Ambassador, Payoneer Bangladesh).

The full event was so knowledgeable and enjoyable. I personality was a student of Hasin Hayder on his online learning platform. And I was excited to meet with him. Finally when I meet with him he so friendly. And his speech was knowledgeable.

A photo with Hasin Hayder vai

The quiz event from Emrazina apu was so much fun. In the quiz session she was trying to give us more knowledge about how Payoneer works, how we can get help and benefit to use Payoneer service.

The event was started at 3:00 pm and end at 8:15 pm. At the last part of event, we take a lot of group photos.

At very end of the event I personally talk to the speakers specially Hasin vai to get some career advice.

The full day was awesome. enjoyed every moments. At last we back to our home.

Mahidul Islam Mukto

Web Developer & Traveler

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