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ACF Pro Blocks – A new Future of Custom field

From the beaning of my WordPress journey, a tool was always with me and it helps me a lot. I was good at the front-end and working with the custom field cames a lot easier for me.

Advance Custom Field (ACF) is really very handy to make things dynamic. The plugin takes the custom field concept to the next level. We can convert static website to a dynamic website with some simple PHP code. It so easy, even if you have not much knowledge in PHP. They have awesome documentation that very helpful for developers.

🔥 New Blocks Feature

Last year WordPress shows a new plugin called Gutenberg. It replaces the classic editor that was with WordPress before. Most of the people give a negative rating because they were not comfortable with this new thing. After beta test and some upgrade finally, in this year WordPress comes with Gutenberg in version 5. Still, The editor is not a cup of tea for most of the people. But I believe after some month or year it will be popular. People will understand it’s value.

If you don’t know much about Gutenberg then watch the video

ACF was always a great plugin with WordPress. They have Free version and pro version too. The free version has some limitation. Free and Pro version comes with a lot type of fields that can help pick data from backend and show to the front-end.

Let’s jump into the main topic. Some months ago ACF comes with new Feature Called Blocks with a beta release and This month it comes with stable version 5.8

After tried this new feature I found it super easy to build Custom Blocks. As we know Gutenberg Editor something like page builder and page builder is so much popular for easy to build page. There is a lot of page builder out there. What about if WordPress default editor (Gutenberg) can work as a page builder and developer can make custom blocks easily? They even don’t need to Know React js or any other advance JavaScript. They can simply work with PHP. 😍

After trying ACF Blocks I post a tweet to know what people think about it. And as expected I got positive feedback from all.

Some benefit of acf and acf block in quick look:

  • ACF block can work with PHP, no JavaScript needed.
  • Super easy to use
  • A lot of field that can pull any type of content
  • No extra code
  • More faster then page builder
  • Faster website building experience
  • Less code then other page building custom add on
  • Simple code as you think
  • Beginner to experience developer everyone can use it in daily development.

Tech word change every day no one can’t tell who will be the king of the market. I am not telling this new feature can replace the page builders but it defiantly developer will try to make more project with this new feature.

For me as a developer, I will not go to page builder if the client does not really want that. ACF is more light then page builder. For a custom design website, I will not want extra code and element, sometimes that can be confusing to the client.

If you want to buy ACF Pro, you can use coupon code twitterpro10 for 10% off your order!

After some days I will make a new post about building custom Gutenberg block with ACF. I will discuss more details about the new features and you will be able to make your own custom block easily. Until that takes care. 😊

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