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Day of making this website

I can’t remember when I start building this website, maybe March 2018. Before that time I had a website in this domain, but that was a static website. Sometimes I feel, I need a website where I can write something and share my thought and knowledge to the people who are interested to take from me.

I was an expert in WordPress and I decided to move from static site to dynamic website that can make my wish true.

Design part

It was a big challenge for me to make a design layout of my portfolio and blog site because I am not a designer and I just work for design to code.

But I had one thing that helps me a lot, that was my experience. I worked with a lot of design before that time and that why I had petty much knowledge about design and how modern website look like.

I start visiting a lot of websites of another developer, website sample in a different marketplace and put all my knowledge in adobe photoshop. But it was not enough it did not look like that so I can say wow this is what I wanted.

I was remembering that Jim Rohn says

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future. It is something you design for the present.

Jim Rohn

I can’t be happy with my design, then modify that so many time, I can’t remember how many time but i did a lot. And all thing take near 1 month then it looked “yes now it nice”. Then i was planning for start developing. But one thing I was never spend full time on it, I do all thing and still now writing this article on my free time. I always try to give more priority to my client project and then other work that i wanted to do.

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