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Days of making this website

I can’t remember when I start building this website, maybe March 2018. Before that time I had a website in this domain, but that was a static website. Sometimes I feel, I need a website where I can write something and share my thought and knowledge to the people who are interested to take from me.

I was an expert in WordPress and I decided to move from static site to dynamic website that can make my wish true.

Design part

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It was a big challenge for me to make a design layout of my portfolio and blog site because I am not a designer and I just work for design to code.

But I had one thing that helps me a lot, that was my experience. I worked with a lot of design before that time and that why I had petty much knowledge about design and how modern website look like.

I start visiting a lot of websites of another developer, website sample in a different marketplace and put all my knowledge in adobe photoshop. But it was not enough it did not look like that so I can say wow this is what I wanted.

I can’t be happy with my design, then modify that so many time, I can’t remember how many time but i did a lot. And all thing take near 1 month then it looked “yes now it nice”. Then i was planning for start developing. But one thing I was never spend full time on it, I do all thing and still now writing this article on my free time. I always try to give more priority to my client project and then other work that i wanted to do.

Development part

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I start and finish home page and then inner page one by one. First of all i finish HTML, CSS and jQuery part. But still i was changing look and feel of the website. When new design ideas come in my mind I try to implement it as soon as possible.

WordPress conversion is a big step in blog part. I develop a system in back-end for dynamically add portfolio item and blog. When I nearly finish development part with WordPress then a new big update comes in WordPress, WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg editor. But it was not big deal because when I develop my site I already use Gutenberg editor. That time I know that in new update it will come.

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Finally in the new year January 2019, I launch this new updated on the site

But the journey of building this website does not finish yet. I try to make it more user friendly, fast loading and implement new thought at my free time.

I don’t have much time to write a blog but I will always love to write. This is a platform to share my thought and work, maybe it can inspire you or help you to do some coding stuff. So you are welcome here in your free time.

Mahidul Islam Mukto

Web Developer & Traveler

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