Everything a Small Business Needs to Grow Online in
One Simple Yet Powerful Platform

From creating a website and sales funnel to marketing your business— all the tools you need are inside your very own hive.

No credit card required. Instant set-up.

Sick and tired of all the apps you “should”
be using to run your business? So are we.

We get you. In fact, we’re the only platform that actually “gets” you.

We’re not just a team of developers and tech guys with a great idea. We’re business owners too!

Business owners who used to spend thousands of dollars using multiple platforms…

  • $500/month for CRM and marketing automation
  • $24/month on website hosting
  • $97/month for a landing page builder
  • $25/month for an invoicing app
  • $300/month for blog and social syndication
  • $120/month for call connect and tracking
  • $50/month for an API connector app to semi-link everything
  • $275+/month on freelance platform fees
  • $80k+/year for a programmer
  • $50k+/year for a web designer
$12,224+ a month! For more than 7 years, we’ve been spending thousands of dollars a month on multiple apps to “run” our business…

And guess what?

You DO NOT have to spend this much!

All these small-solution apps want you to think you need dozens of apps to grow your business online and this WAS true…

At least before we created our industry-disrupting masterpiece:

Hiveku was created with one BIG why

We believe that business owners like us should be able to grow their

Small business owners using Hiveku
are saving THOUSANDS of dollars per month.

  • Website hosting
  • CRM software
  • Marketing automation software
  • Landing page builder
  • Invoicing app
  • Blog and social syndication software
  • Call connect and tracking software
  • API connector
  • Freelance platform fees
  • And much, much more!

Oh, did we mention that with Hiveku you DON’T have to hire a programmer or web designer?

NO coding
NO web design skills needed.
NO deep learning curve.

And here’s proof...

With Hiveku, you can build a sales funnel or website in under 10 minutes.

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Why Choose Hiveku for Your Small Business

Smart small business owners are switching to Hiveku. Maybe it just doesn’t make sense to pay for 10+ separate apps every month? We still don’t know.

Run your business in one simple yet powerful platform

Smart small business owners are switching to Hiveku. Maybe it just doesn’t make sense to pay for 10+ separate apps every month? We still don’t know.

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Quickly and easily build website and landing pages.

Your hive comes with beautiful, conversion-focused website and landing page templates you can easily customize using our drag-and-drop builder… even if you’ve never made a website or sales funnel before!

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Get more customers with powerful marketing automation.

Send automated emails and text messages to potential and existing customers to move them to the next step. Set it, forget it, and see more people buying. With powerful marketing automation, it’s that easy!

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Publish blog posts and schedule social media posts in just a few clicks.

Managing your blog and social media accounts has never been this easy. Boost your online presence, educate your audience, and build trust and authority inside your very own hive!

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Start tracking leads and closing more sales with a feature-rich CRM.

Smart small business owners are switching to Hiveku. Maybe it just doesn’t make sense to pay for 10+ separate apps every month? We still don’t know.

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Track calls from your website and landing page and connect instantly.

We’ve included a built-in call connect and call tracking app to help you track what makes your phone ring. Potential customers can also click the number on your website or landing page to call you instantly.

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Send professional invoice with your branding.

Stop sending plain invoices or invoices with PayPal’s branding—not yours. Our invoicing app allows you to send beautiful, professional invoices that you can customize to fit your branding.

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Hire vetted freelance experts inside your very own hive.

Most freelance platforms don’t vet their freelancers and charge high fees to both employers and freelancers. WIth Hiveku, you can call for help by hiring one of our vetted freelance experts!

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Supported Payment Gateways

Whoever said you can’t have one app to rule them all obviously doesn’t know about Hiveku yet...

Beautiful, Conversion-Focused Websites and Landing Pages Created on Hiveku

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up for Hiveku TODAY

  • Powerful CRM and marketing automation ($500/month value)
  • Premium website hosting ($24/month value)
  • Drag-and-drop website and landing page builder ($97/month value)
  • Professional invoicing ($25/month value)
  • Blog and social syndication ($300/month value)
  • Call connect and tracking ($120/month value)
  • Native apps that seamlessly work together without an API connector app ($50/month value)
  • Hiveku’s vetter freelancer expert hub ($275+/month value)

Total Value: $1,391/month

But don’t worry, we won’t charge you a thousand or hundreds of dollars for a premium platform with everything in it...

Our Pricing

Hiveku was built to help small business owners get the tools needed to grow a business online without spending a fortune. And that’s why you can access Hiveku’s full features for only…


Billed after the trial period. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Here’s What You Get When You Sign Up for Hiveku TODAY

Hiveku ClickFunnels LeadPages Instapage Infusionsoft
Monthly Pricing
Unlimited websites
Unlimited funnels
Unlimited landing pages
Unlimited emails and SMS
Powerful CRM and marketing automation
Premium website hosting
Drag-and-drop website and landing page builder
Professional invoicing
Blog and social syndication
Call connect and tracking
Vetter freelancer hiring hub

Try Hiveku Risk-Free Today!

If you don’t like Hiveku during the trial period, cancel your account and we won’t bill you!