Combine all your wallets into one universal wallet

that will allow you to pay and receive money in any currency from all over the world.

What Is Just Wallet?

Just Wallet is an electronic money transfer platform that allows you to send and receive money in any currency and cryptocurrency that is known to us today.

This platform is based on a blockchain technology and provides you with all financial services you need combining all your "wallets" and credit cards into one universal wallet.

multi currency exchange wallet

This platform holds up to 6 currencies at a time and allows you to convert any type of currency quickly and efficiently.

You can calculate the necessary amount for exchange in advance through a convenient currency calculator. The rates based on the API live quotes from European Central Bank via

mobile app

Access your assets at any time and anywhere from any mobile device with our free of charge mobile app.

Full access to performing all your financial transactions.

exceptional capabilities

User management tools and access rights to the wallet system.

Support for multiple languages- 4 popular languages are included in the startup assembly.

Receiving payments on third-party sites and instant notification system about the status.

4 levels of account identification and account differentiation.

Email and SMS notifications about transactions in the wallet.

Domestic or International money transfers, deposits and withdrawal of funds, currency exchange.

The system of disputes - the protection of the transaction and the opportunity to return the money.

A convenient Ticket system for providing fast and professional support.