Built-in methods are suitable for 195 countries


Manage all your funds and currencies online. Pay, transfer, withdrawal, deposit and exchange.

  • Our internal currency exchange allows you to make a payment in any method and in any currency or cryptocurrency you may choose.
  • You will be able to deposit your funds into your wallet account through a wide range of available payment methods.
  • You may hold up to 6 currencies and convert any type of currency quickly and efficiently.
  • you can transfer funds to other users accounts by just a username/Email/SMS and even a QR Code.
  • You can withdraw the funds from your Wallet account to each of your fund holding accounts (bank account, PayPal account, etc.)


You may accept payment in any currency known to us today. It will be easier than ever for your customer to exchange his currency into whatever your business requires.

  • No monthly fee for using our services as a business.
  • You have the possibility to receive any form of payment that is known to us today.
  • You can avoid paying high fees to "third party" companies and even charge transaction fees on your behalf.
  • Our advanced admin panel system allows you to provide faster and more efficient services to your customers.